Tea and Love | Engagement Photoshoot | Sergey+Kat

Their hearts are cageless birds which will forever fly together. It was a warm fall evening when I met Sergey and Kat for the first time in person. We had talked over the phone before & I’d seen some old pictures of them on social media but nothing could prepare me for this awe-inspiring experience when they welcomed me into their home. As we talked over tea, I couldn’t help but bask in the kindness of their presence. They had such a simple and deep love for each other, the glow on their faces as they told me stories of their relationship was undeniable. “Why don’t we have tea in the woods for our engagement session” said Kat. And it wasn’t long till this idea became a vision and the vision a reality. On the day of their engagement photo shoot, there were a few hurdles like traffic causing a little delay and Sergey forgetting his shoes at home ( we always joke about this now) but all these little imperfections made everything even more perfect. On that day we didn’t just have a photo session, we enjoyed the moment, we made memories and we had lots of laughs. It […]

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A Serene Collision of Love | Engagement Photoshoot | Julie+Bogdan
April 23, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Engagement, Stories 0 Comments

When in pursuit of one's dreams and aspirations, set backs, roadblocks and dead ends are to be expected. These are the necessary catalysts to awaken the ingenious that lies within. Like someone rightly said; Success is often disguised as seeming failure.

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