The Love Carousel | Wedding blog | Tayeesa + Andrew

October 10, 2018 by Afrik Armando in EngagementStories
The Love Carousel | Wedding blog | Tayeesa + Andrew

From Washington DC to New York, it’s been an amazing experience capturing the quirky love story of Tayeesa and Andrew. They’ve gone from being distant acquaintances to dear friends and it warms my heart to know that if I ever need a roof over my head, they’ve always got a couch I could crash on. I could write a book about my experiences with them but I’ll let u read this little story by Tayeesa on how a carousel became so symbolic in their relationship.

“It’s where we always went throughout our relationship! We went there in the very beginning, then somehow always ended up back at the carousel every time we were at the mall (which was a lot during our movie dates). Those moments became really precious and personal and we’d always chat about whatever was on our minds at the time. Every time we were back, our relationship had developed a little more as milestones passed in our relationship. There were even days that we loved how the carousel just pulled us away from the real world for a few seconds so we’d buy like 3 rides and just go on over and over until we got too dizzy to do it again. The funniest thing is that it was always a bunch of 5-year-olds on the carousel and then us, we didn’t care though. We’re secretly 5 inside

So yeah, it made perfect sense for him to propose there. That’s also where he told me he loved me the first time! The day he proposed! and it was the most perfect full circle ‘end’ from boyfriend/girlfriend status to the start of husband and wife.”


Second shooter: Connor Harder

Hair: Julie Shelestovsky




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