Cherry Blossoms and cathedral lights – Cedar Lakes Estate winter wedding

As a teenager, winter camping played such an important role in my life, bonfire chats, s’mores, snow hikes, and cozy blankets. So you can only imagine the acute nostalgia I was overcome with at Lindsey and Nick’s Cedar Lakes Estate winter wedding. The weekend provided a perfect getaway in the mountains for their guest beginning with a welcome dinner and evening concert. “Apart from being one of the most unbelievably beautiful places to get married, Cedar Lakes Estate has been the setting of many of my favorite memories from weekend getaways, birthday parties, New Year’s celebrations, and holiday markets. While summertime at Cedar Lakes certainly brings Dirty Dancing dreams to life with lake activities, zip-lining, and bonfires, there’s something undeniably magical about that crisp winter air and snow-covered cabins. Knowing the magic of wintertime at Cedar Lakes first hand, we took a leap of faith to be the first winter wedding for the venue, leaning into the cozy, elegant, mountain vibes for a winter wonderland wedding escape.” -Lindsay Lindsay and Nick’s winter wedding was a beautiful winter affair which I had the honor of photographing at the end of last year. It was awe-inspiring to see the venue convert their winter […]

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Jersey City’s couple session – Caroline + Adrian
February 16, 2021 by Afrik Armando in Stories 0 Comments

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when I parked my car in a neighborhood which looked like the quintessential setting for a New York City Rom-Com. I was meeting Caroline and Adrian for the first time in person over drinks before our photo session. But it wasn’t long before we bonded over our shared love of Africa and the Cameroonian culture. In-between bites of the charcuterie, we exchanged stories of our experiences and reminisced upon the cuisine. To add some context here, I spent most of my early years growing up in Cameroon, and coincidentally Caroline had spent quite some time there as well. Gosh, I mean what are the odds of this happening? We spent the rest of our lunch looking through their travel galleries and laughing hard at their adventurous stories. When it was time to head out for our shoot, I decided to scratch the plans we had initially made. Posing in a random park just didn’t feel right. So we went up to their apartment, got them changed, and cozied up to their favorite tunes. Thank you Caroline and Adrian for the laughs, the stories, and all the memories we created together. And to anyone reading […]

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Cedar Lakes Estate Proposal – Jocelyn + Justin
November 25, 2020 by Afrik Armando in Stories 0 Comments

Jocelyn and Justins Cedar Lakes’ proposal was one of the most magical ones I did over the summer. Justin’s idea was to do a romantic scavenger hunt using all their first dates as clues. And finally, when she was done, he waited for her in front of the amphitheater at Cedar Lakes Estates. As he got on one knee, the lake sparkled it’s reflected sun rays in approval. Justin and Jocelyn, it was such an honor to have been there to document your proposal.  

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Cape May Elopement | Alex + Kelly | Stay Lokal

  I recently came across a method of farming called the slash and burn, whereby you cut down the trees on a plot of land then set fire to the remaining foliage to provide nutrients to the soil for the newer food crops. Kelly + Alex’s Cape May elopement which began at Stay Lokal was the beginning of my beauty from ashes. It’s no secret that the wedding/events world took a major hit due to COVID 19, and even now there’s much to be sad about, many have lost loved ones, businesses are going out of commission and there’s great division in our world. But we’ve also seen the beauty of humanity & community like never before. And I hope that you can find inspiration from this post and believe that there’s much to look forward to. Alex + Kelly, have been a bright lamp post on the road of my journey. I still remember tearing up when Kelly was reading her vows to Alex, it was a reinvigorating moment that reminded of the very great POWER OF LOVE. And it confirmed my convictions that LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED. So remember no matter how hot the flames are, I believe […]

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Micro Wedding inspiration – Hill Physick Philadelphia – Featured in Modern Luxury Magazine

This was one of the most creative shoots I worked on in 2019 and interestingly enough I think now provides lots of inspiration for an intimate micro wedding. It was a dream to have this published in Modern Luxury weddings Magazine.   The whimsical 18th century garden of Hill-Physick caught the eye of the team at Garces Events, who partnered with Kate Boyle—event designer at Sara Rea Design. “I thought it would be perfect for two busy doctors who love the history, want something stunning but also a high-end intimate wedding. Our idea began there, and we built an amazing team to create a luxe shoot,” says Boyle. The four-story brick house, decorated with beautiful, French-influenced neoclassical furnishings, is reflective of the time period but also provides a stunning backdrop for modern couples—who can transition from a cocktail reception in the parlor to dinner in the garden through floor-to-ceiling windows (that also serve as doors). “The garden is a magical space that we believe is a hidden gem in Philadelphia,” says Boyle. Claudia Harmon, owner of Jollifier Floral Design, styled the space with intentional blooms such as herbs with medicinal properties like mountain mint and lavender and anatomical oddities like […]

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Cedar Lakes Estates Proposal | New York | Keith + Kaitlyn

As I hid away in the pines overlooking the Amphitheatre at Cedar Lakes Estates, watching these two young summer lovers, head over heels for each other with the reflected light from the lake, glistening in the background, I was ravished by their love. The wind, the pines and the birds all sang in anticipation for that moment when Keith would get on one knee and ask Kaitlyn to spend the rest of his life with her. Even the sun graced us with her presence and sparkle that serene evening. It was an honor to spend my birthday with these two. Your love reminds me of summer Cherry Lips and raspberry wine, Jasmine flowers on climbing vines, Palm leaves rustling in the sunshine, Wishing we could slow downtime. Christy Ann Martine  

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5 reasons Cedar Lakes Estates is THE dream glamping NY wedding venue

From the drive up to Cedar Lakes Estate through the Hudson Valley, to the mountain top overlooking the Shawangunk Mountains, Cedar Lakes Estate is indeed “one perfectly peaceful lakefront escape combining culinary adventure with rustic radiance.” After being fortunate enough to photograph a few beautiful weddings at this luxury estate venue, I just had to create this shortlist of 5 Reasons why I think Cedar Lakes Estates is THE dream glamping wedding venue In New York.   Cedar Lakes Estates An Unforgettable glamping experience; I still remember those long late-night bonfire conversations with friends, oh, the sticky s’ mores and remnant smell of smoke on my clothes. These are some of my favorite memories and Cedar lakes Estate, once a 1920’s summer camp, evokes all the feelings of nostalgia. I can only imagine what a weekend wedding with family and friends at cedar lakes would feel like. It would be an adventurous experience, comprising of mountain top yoga, team competitions, an outdoor movie night, and deep personal bonfire chats. It would be an experience of a lifetime.   Below are images of what a rehearsal dinner could look like at the pavilion     Say “I do” with a view […]

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Cozy home session | Quarantined Love | New York

Song to listen while you scroll through / Finneas – Let’s fall in love for the Night      

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Love Cloud | Philadelphia Engagement session | Kelly + Alex
April 14, 2020 by Afrik Armando in Engagement, Stories 0 Comments

Beautiful things happen when couples trust their creatives to make magic happen and to tell a story that fully expresses who they are. This engagement session summarises what it's like to float in a love cloud.

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5 ways to fight quarantine depression
March 30, 2020 by Afrik Armando in Stories 0 Comments

At the start of this year, I felt like I was on a career-high. A little bit of pride and a whole lot of gratitude, my business was finally starting to sprout, I mean it took A LOT to get to this point. The difficult college years wherein a dollar was hard to come by and 4 years afterward of hard work & sleepless nights. Finally, I’d booked my first designer/destination weddings and had some MAJOR upcoming projects. In flash, however, it all seemed to vanish, yeah Covid-19 came in hot. Two weeks ago, after the nationwide panic, it was nothing but an onslaught of bad news for my business. Canceled projects left and right, uncertainty, fear, and anger. It was like standing in line for hours in order to get Rita’s ice cream, then right when you get to the window, they’re out. But after two weeks, I’ve been able to get myself back into the right state of mind, and I figured I’d share some of the strategies I used to fight quarantine depression. So this is for you my brides and all creative friends Photos by Wearethekruks   Perspective; If you weren’t killed by the outbreak, then […]

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