Cairnwood Estate Wedding | Black Gatsby Themed Wedding | Danielle + Adam
March 24, 2020 by Afrik Armando in Stories, Weddings 0 Comments

A fundamental part of every wedding I shoot is understanding the personality of my couples; that is the things which get them excited, their passions, dreams, and aspirations? The purpose of this is simple, photographing a wedding is like doing a tango dance with the couple, to get the best, we learn to sway to the tune of their story. My job is to create that space where they can be free to be who they really are. When I first met Danielle & Adam in person, I quickly learned how dear black culture was to them. For this reason, we related on so many levels, from talking about the school systems to industry representation, to give you an idea of how deep we went, I think that first meeting lasted for about 4 hours. So going into their wedding with this in mind, I sought to represent the essence of their story. Two working professionals passionate about empowering their communities and creating opportunities for others. I think what stood out to me most was when Danielle brought in paintings to cover the ones present during the cocktail hour and reception. The art was by Gilbert Young, a black artist […]

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A Benjamin Franklin Officiated wedding | Ridgeland Mansion | Susie + Chris
March 11, 2020 by Afrik Armando in Stories, Weddings 0 Comments

FEATURED ON PHILADELPHIA WEDDING MAGAZINE Weddings come in all shapes and sizes but I don’t think I’ll be forgetting Susie + Chris’ wedding anytime soon. The more I grow in the wedding world, the more I’m learning about the things which matter most. At the end of the day, it’s not just the decor, the flowers or venue as amazing as these things might be, these are just tools to enhance the story & guest experience. When all is said and done, the heartbeat of everything is purely the personality of the couple. This is one of the main reasons Susie + Chris’ wedding meant a lot to me. Not only were they extremely kind and generous, but I couldn’t hold back my tears as I heard all the lovely stories shared about these two, from their friends & loved ones. It’s amazing cause sometimes we don’t realize how much impact we have on the lives of others. There’s so much more I could tell you about them, but I’ll let you read their story on this Philly Magazine article published for their wedding. It was truly an honor to serve them and a special thanks to all the amazing […]

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Junebug Featured Earthy New York Wedding | Ilya + Victoria
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  One of the reasons I find this wedding peculiar is because it epitomizes the power of the community. It’s always a great thing when you could hire a team of creative vendors to work on your special day and make your vision come true, but when it came to Ilya and Victoria’s wedding, they choose a different route. They wanted their wedding to feel like a happy family gathering and that’s exactly what it was. The florals, dessert, stationary and even the furniture, were all carefully handcrafted by members of their church community.   And after their ceremony, they didn’t go the route of having a traditional reception program but rather opted for a Laissez-faire occasion. Wherein people were free to do whatever they wanted. Lawn games, blowing bubbles and heartfelt patio chats were the highlight of the evening. It really felt amazing to watch a community bond together over one couple’s wedding. Thank you Ilya & Victoria for letting me share your most special day with you. I’m also beyond grateful to JuneBug Weddings for featuring this story on their blog. Event Planning – GLDN Soul Events Wedding Venue – Best View Barn Catering – Zeina’s Cafe Cake – Serendipity Cakes Stationery […]

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The Williams’ | Sophisticated with a touch of playful | Philadelphia Engagement
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With Julien & Danielle’s session, the story I sought to tell was that of two highly motivated young individuals on their journey of love and self-discovery. I remember the first time I FaceTimed Julien & Danielle, I was in the process of moving to my new place and had gone furniture shopping at Ikea. So for the day my office was the hot Ikea parking lot, we chatted briefly about the ideas they had in mind for their wedding but when they got to share their dreams and aspirations, I knew we had kindred spirits. At that point I was sold on working with them, more to this I was fascinated by their adventure stories from Jamaica to Thailand, with rigorous schedules like theirs I wondered how they had the time to travel and experience different cultures. For their session, my desire was to highlight their sophistication without ignoring their playful personalities. So we started their shoot at the Rodin Museum with formal outfits to suit the garden setting, then we moved on to Fishtown where I found the perfect playful mural by Dora Cuenca. I’m beyond excited for their wedding in October which will be designed by SaraRea Designs […]

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A closer look into the art of floral design
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When I think about some of the songs which have had the most impact in my life, Amanda Cook’s “Wonder” is somewhere at the top of that list. Her lyrics “May we never lose our wonder…” remind me to not solely be a professional but serve with passion and soul. I’m bringing this up because today after having a conversation with Becky the owner of Ram florals, the flames of that wonder were fanned. And below are just a few excerpts from our conversation. Understanding the difference between a designer and producer I’m sure most of us know who the artist Picasso is, now, wouldn’t it be odd if you wanted him to paint something special for you but instead of giving him creative control, you gave him a brush & told him exactly how and what to paint? Therein lies the key difference between a floral designer and a floral producer. While one goes above and beyond to create something very specific to who you are as a couple, the other focuses on a replication formula. So clarity is paramount because with this in mind, you can decide who and what you want. 3 things to be mindful of; […]

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Favorite wedding photo moments of 2019

I’ll never forget that warm summer night in the month of August when overwhelmed with tears joy I could hardly believe that I was painting my own space. I know it wasn’t grand & perhaps to some even trivial but considering that I started from nothing I felt pretty darn GRATEFUL. 2019 was one of those years which truly exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only did we grow in leaps & bounds, but we also got to work with some of the most amazing creatives on the most spectacular projects. So for all of this I’ve got to say THANK YOU. Thank you for spreading the word, thank you for all the trust and for all the joy you brought to my life. Below are just a few of my favorite moments from 2019, but if you’re reading this and we worked together last year? I want you to know that considering we only live once and have limited time on earth I sincerely treasure the time we got to spend together. So enjoy the highlight and feel free to share with your friends. Some favorite moments from 2019 In 2019, flat lays were a big thing, a photo dedicated […]

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Cageless Birds 2 | Kat + Serge | After wedding Shoot
October 17, 2019 by Afrik Armando in Stories, Weddings 1 Comment

The best phrase I can use to describe this shoot is ” Lost in Loveland”. Firstly, I can’t thank Kat & Serge enough, not only did they agree to do a second-day shoot, they also agreed to wake up at 5 am in the morning to catch the golden hour. And I tell you magic happened that morning. Isn’t this a lot like life, when you do crazy things and take bold steps the universe always beautifully responds in your favor. When I took a second look at these photos after our shoot, I was lost in Loveland, it’s one thing to see them on your camera screen and another thing to see them on a large computer screen. And a little tip for using smoke bombs; try waiting for angular lighting (usually in the morning or towards the evening) this creates a very dramatic scene especially if you use it in a woodsy area, you actually get to see the rays of light going through the smoke. Thanks a million for reading this far and please comment below so I can know you stopped by :). You’re amazing Kat & SergeCore Creek Park

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Wild hearts & Bohemian tunes | Lena & Clark | Philly Engagement shoot
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While coming up with a concept for this lifestyle shoot, we wanted to do something completely different and this couple (Lena & Clark) had all the musical bohemian vibes one could as for. Seriously, this shoot had all the musical bohemian vibes and colors one could ever wish for. Lena & Clark (Well mostly Lena) have been longtime friends of mine and when they approached me for a shoot, I wanted to do something that had all the jazzy energy they embodied. So our concept was to create a playful roadside performance and from the images we got and I think we nailed it. Thanks so much, Lena & Clark for spending the day with me, and for dancing to the tunes of made-up music.

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Front & Palmer Wedding | Romantic Chic evening | Will + Jasmine’s Philadelphia wedding
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I don’t think I’ll be forgetting about Will & Jasmine’s wedding anytime soon. That morning when I walked into Jasmine’s hotel, the first thing she said was “ Oh Afrik we’ve got something for you”, I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I opened the little package, it was honey pretzels. Now this made me tear up because they somehow remembered this trivial detail form a conversation we had almost a year prior. More to this, honey pretzels were my late step-moms solution to every problem. So this little random act of kindness truly made all the difference. At the end of the day, that to me is true beauty, not just physical appearances, but a rich soul & hearts filled with love. Jasmine & Will thank you for letting me spend your most special day with you guys. Not only did we have so much fun slaying with Beyonce in the morning, by the end of the day you definitely had me, drunk on love. Thanks for treating me like family and for bringing so much joy to my heart. You mean a lot to me and I look forward to growing and learning together.

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Modern 70’s bridal inspiration
July 1, 2019 by Afrik Armando in Stories 0 Comments

Modern 70’s Wedding Dream with a Wild Floral Handbag As I was thinking about the essence of summer – the joyfulness you feel when the summer air comes to a peak, the pure satisfaction of an ice cold fizzy drink, and the radiance that the sun gives off – I began to dream up a shoot that would embody the freedom that summer seems to provide. Inspired by the colorful murals at Asbury Park, a small but bustling beach town, I pulled in tones of teal blue, bright oranges, yellows, and pinks. Florals that felt wild and free, with 70s touches, brought the shoot to life. This styled shoot was, ultimately, an experiment in capturing that feeling of summer we always want to hold on to. Then, the magic happened – and the idea of a floral bridal handbag was born. For the most carefree summer bride, a floral bouquet that can double as a handbag stands as a reminder that you can be creative in any way you’d like. It’s a symbol of independence and being able to stand on your own, with everything that you may need at your fingertips. It’s a creative gesture, with the wild beauty […]

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