Love which stills | Kate + Bryant | Engagement Photoshoot
December 5, 2017 by Afrik Armando in City, Engagement, Stories 0 Comments

                        Busy streets with fast-paced cars and rushing pedestrians, everyone making haste to their next destination but suddenly, in a moment of time the storm is stilled, the love of two has caused a great calm. My morning was fogged with activities and to make matters worse I overslept, causing a chaotic pile of undone tasks. Prior to my photoshoot with Kate and Bryant, I’d made an action plan with sketches, image inspirations, and favorable locations. However, going into the session I wasn’t sure what to expect especially since the morning hadn’t quite unfolded as planned. We decided to start out our shoot next to a cafe called United by Blue in old city and it was then that the fog cleared up. A spontaneous joy and chemistry, so unique and desirable. And I think this is exactly what makes Kate and Bryant so different, two very spontaneous souls who relish every moment spent together. Carefree, childlike hearts and full of an unspeakable amount of joy. They’re never afraid to try new things or explore uncharted territory. Thank you for letting me into your world and I look forward […]

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Cageless Birds 2 | Kat + Serge | After wedding Shoot
October 17, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Stories, wedding 1 Comment

The best phrase I can use to describe this shoot is ” Lost in Loveland”. Firstly, I can’t thank Kat & Serge enough, not only did they agree to do a second-day shoot, they also agreed to wake up at 5 am in the morning to catch the golden hour. And I tell you magic happened that morning. Isn’t this a lot like life, when you do crazy things and take bold steps the universe always beautifully responds in your favor. When I took a second look at these photos after our shoot, I was lost in Loveland, it’s one thing to see them on your camera screen and another thing to see them on a large computer screen. And a little tip for using smoke bombs; try waiting for angular lighting (usually in the morning or towards the evening) this creates a very dramatic scene especially if you use it in a woodsy area, you actually get to see the rays of light going through the smoke. Thanks a million for reading this far and please comment below so I can know you stopped by :). You’re amazing Kat & SergeCore Creek Park

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Beautiful Souls | Nick + Nataliya | Engagement Shoot
October 10, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Engagement, Stories 0 Comments

Time is a very beautiful thing. I remember a few years ago when Nataliya and I went on a photoshoot. We were co-workers and She was the only one crazy enough to let me take pictures of her. It was one of my first photoshoots with a human person and not only were my nerves eating me alive, I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing. But Nataliya as gracious as she was, kept talking me up. And through the years, she hasn’t stopped. Always encouraging me and saying things like “Bro, you’re my favorite photographer, when I have my wedding, you’ll take the photos”. Funny enough, it wasn’t a while till Nick showed up. You didn’t need to be a love guru to tell that she was in love, for every single time the name Nick was mentioned, she lit up like a Christmas tree. Thank you Nataliya for the bringing me lunch at work, thank you for covering up my mistakes and most importantly, thank you for being a great friend. Congratulations Nick and Nataliya, I can’t wait for your wedding. . . Nick & NataliyaPrinceton University

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Wish upon the heart | David + Anna | Wedding Photos
October 4, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Stories, wedding 1 Comment

“When you wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you” Sometimes it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the grandness of our dreams which lay deep within the chambers of our hearts but I think the quote above epitomizes in words how our beautiful universe works, it all starts with a desire. As dream chasers with bountiful visions & endless passions, we’ve got the responsibility to nurture & strengthen our ambitions. This is what David and Anna did as they tied the knot on that warm summer day in the month of July. As we walked the street of Skaneateles, cheers, & applauds floated everywhere, pedestrians made way for the newlyweds and the golden sun rays light them up for perfect wedding portraits. I’m beyond blessed to be honored with the task of documenting the start of their ambitions and I’m thrilled considering the fact that generations to come will not only see pretty wedding photos but a story, a story of two dream chasers who took their wish upon a heart and made it a reality. Thank you, David and Anna. Second Shooter // Anita Savich Hair // Julia Shelestovsky Photoshoot […]

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Veiled Beauty | David + Nadiya | New York City Anniversary Session
September 21, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Stories, wedding 0 Comments

I have to admit, when I got invited to New York City by David and Nadiya Novik for an anniversary session, I felt beyond intimidated. My few visits to New York had left me with an overwhelming sour taste for the city. Invisible was I to the many who bumped into me but a lucrative client to all the street musicians who’d pull my hand in an attempt to sell me their mixtape. So New York to me was a no no, too many unconcerned pedestrians, cab drivers who wouldn’t care if they knocked you dead and the unbearable traffic. But all this changed when I spent the day with David and Nadiya. Their love was in such perfect harmony with the city. They knew just the right places to go to and each time we would stop to take a picture, the crowds would watch in wonder. Then they told me about their countless adventures in the city, the date nights, the park walks and ice cream strolls. I began seeing a different side of the city, a tender side which had been covered by the hustle and bustle of time square. I had made a judgment too quickly. It […]

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Rain or shine | Ilona+Yuriy | Enagagement Photoshoot

“A place is only as magical as the memories that take place there. That’s what Devil’s Hole at Niagara Falls is for us and it was only fitting that the place we hold so many memories in, would also be the place to document a turning point in our lives. There were times we were trapped in the rain, while the waters raged around us. On the sunny days we spent here, we sweat through the heat to get to the cooling waters. Through these sunny & rainy days spent at the gorge, I see a reflection of our relationship. We can’t control the weather, but we can change our response. And our response, both in our adventures at the gorge and in our lives, was to huddle closely in the stormy times and walk together with free reign when the days were bright.” – Ilona Belous   Ilona & YuriyNiagara Falls

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Rush of love | Nick + Kat | Wedding Photoshoot
August 9, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Stories, wedding 0 Comments

It was about halfway into the reception when Kat decided to read a poem to her loved ones. It was beautiful, the rush of emotions and the tears which soaked that letter of love. How does love just never get old, from the inception of the universe till now, love remains a thing so powerful enough to make the impossible possible. I wish there was a way to take you back in time to their wedding, so you’d see that soft kiss, the loving touch, and the grooms eyes as he beheld his bride in her splendor and beauty. They glowed with an aura of love and their eyes sparkled as the softly gazed at each other. For their wedding, they were aiming for more of a classy and elegant theme. Their colors were blush, white and hints of gold. The guys had classic black suits with blush ties and the bridesmaids had gold and blush dresses. Lanterns and floral arrangements were the elegant center pieces. Their flowers included pretty peonies, roses, and greenery. Thanks a million Nick and Kat for the privilege of documenting your beautiful day.   Second Shooter // TimVytovich Makeup // Kelsey Ward Hair // Julia Shelestovsky Florist // Viktoria Stecjuk-Lehkyi […]

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Cageless hearts | Serge+Kat | Talamore Country Club Wedding
July 20, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Stories, wedding 0 Comments

“Come grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. -Robert Browning” That morning as we arrived at the venue of the wedding, a very tangible feeling of anticipation and joy saturated the atmosphere. Emotions were high and merriment painted the faces of all who were present. As I strolled around, my spirit was lifted by what I saw. The hydrangeas, peonies, and garden roses were arrayed everywhere in majestic beauty, the decor and eucalyptus leaves enhanced the rustic theme. Kat & Serge had chosen white, green and a touch of gold as their wedding colors. It was indeed a sight to behold. Soon, I’ll let you see for your self and be lifted in your soul. But first, I must indulge you with what got my attention the most, that room packed with Ukrainian treats, nicely stacked and mounted on beds of moss. The radiance of love beamed from these two blissed-out lovers as they saw each other for the first time that morning. Serge’s emotions were on full display as tears of joy rolled down his face & Kat glowed like a lantern lit by love. There was live Jazz, Ukrainian food and lots of laughs throughout the day. It was a day when two […]

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Beautiful Souls | Jess | Mini Photo series
July 17, 2017 by Afrik Armando in People, Stories 0 Comments

Jessica like many of us has a heart full of dreams. Not solely for personal gain but a drive to make some sort of change in her world. Propelled by this passion, she’s decided to move to California to attend a bible college. We were able to spend some time together and here are some of the images we got from our photo shoot. Modified Lightroom Preset: @ Inatelight presets . . JessicaPenns Landing

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Love, Pink and Such | Alena + Vitaly | Wedding Photoshoot
June 28, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Stories, wedding 0 Comments

I never seize to be amazed by the wonder of time, today a child is born and next, they’re off to starting a family. Alena, Vitaly and I have been friends for almost 6 years now and the inception of our bond goes back to a church kitchen. Back in the day, while Vitaly managed the finances for the youth ministry at our church, Alena was in charge of preparing snacks for the after church party. I, on the other hand, was a professional sandwich taster, a troll who always lurked in the kitchen in hopes of getting extra sandwiches. As pertaining to how they started dating, I perceive that since Alena had to always ask Vitaly for money to make the snacks, it wasn’t long till they realized that they were perfect for each other. Many things have changed since then but the constant I’ve observed all these years is their ever beaming personalities. Alena, kind & Calm as always and Vitaly an expert at making the heart merry. Not only did I have the honor of being a part of their wedding as a fellow Omie (what we call our friend group) but I was also entrusted with the ultimate task of documenting a day so full of […]

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