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5 ways to fight quarantine depression

March 30, 2020 by Afrik Armando in Stories
5 ways to fight quarantine depression

At the start of this year, I felt like I was on a career-high. A little bit of pride and a whole lot of gratitude, my business was finally starting to sprout, I mean it took A LOT to get to this point. The difficult college years wherein a dollar was hard to come by and 4 years afterward of hard work & sleepless nights. Finally, I’d booked my first designer/destination weddings and had some MAJOR upcoming projects.

In flash, however, it all seemed to vanish, yeah Covid-19 came in hot. Two weeks ago, after the nationwide panic, it was nothing but an onslaught of bad news for my business. Canceled projects left and right, uncertainty, fear, and anger. It was like standing in line for hours in order to get Rita’s ice cream, then right when you get to the window, they’re out.

But after two weeks, I’ve been able to get myself back into the right state of mind, and I figured I’d share some of the strategies I used to fight quarantine depression. So this is for you my brides and all creative friends

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If you weren’t killed by the outbreak, then you’ve got A LOT to be thankful for. YOU’RE ALIVE, I know things might be hard for the next few weeks and even months, but don’t forget who puts the “U” in HUSTLE, YOU. You’re a creative badass and there’s no stopping you.


Sometimes feeling depressed can be overcome by simple movements like either going for a run or dancing with some headphones in.


Spend time being quiet, with no distractions and very deep/relaxing breathes. Then afterward focus and rewrite your goals. 5 mins every day and you’ll be surprised at the wonders this will do. You’re a boss babe/bro and you’ve got this.

Drink water/eat healthily

Hydration is the key friend, google recommends 15 cups a day (3.7 liters). Also, you ain’t a kid no more so eat your darn veggies, #gogreen


Has much as this quarantine feels like a vacation, it’s not :). Use the extra time to build and ground yourself. You can take courses on many different online platforms these days, I personally use creativelive.com and I also recommend D’arcy Benincosa, Sue Bryce and Susan Stripling for anyone in need of business coaches.

Read some more
Man’s search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
The power of your mind by Dr. Chris Oyakhilome

There are brighter days ahead friend, stay positive.

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