6 tips to elevate your portraits

April 15, 2019 by Afrik Armando in Stories
6 tips to elevate your portraits

The tricky thing about creating a guide to looking your best in photos is that everyone’s unique and what works for one person might not for another, nevertheless here are a few fundamentals which I believe everyone could find essential. More to this I created this guide specifically for guys but again, I think these basic principles apply to everyone. Side note, don’t worry ladies, I’ve got something in the works for you.

Compilation of posing videos

CONFIDENCE is everything
* I often hear people say things like “I’m not photogenic” but I believe that what makes you photogenic is your uniqueness. Do you realize that there is not you, there has never been another you and there will NEVER be another YOU.

SMIZE like Tyra
* I got this one from America’s next top model, Tyra Banks always says “smile with your eyes”

Show some CHIN
* The underlining idea here is emphasizing your jawline, but this works differently for everyone. For some a slight 45 degree angle and for others chin forward and down.

Work that POSTURE
* No slouching friends

Gotta get them angles
* Standing at a slight angle to the camera always looks more flattering than straight on.

Move those hips like Shakira
* Move your weight to one hip

Whenever you get to a photoshoot, start by relaxing, don’t go too crazy about getting the perfect pose, because ultimately the photography wants to capture your heart, your true expression and who you really are now. Like I always say, you’ve got the voice, you’ve got the look and you’ve got that style. I hope these tips were helpful and if you’ve got anything to add, feel free to drop a comment below. Love you friends.

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