Blush Chic Wedding | Erie Wedding | Villy +Esfir

Blush Chic Wedding | Erie Wedding | Villy +Esfir

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As I was preparing this blog and culling the images to use, memories of joy flooded my heart. In the morning when I was taking pictures of Esfir, I remember something specific she said to me “Villy and I have decided not to cry, we’re not criers”.This was her attempt to set expectations and I completely understand but friend, you should’ve seen their eyes as she walked down the aisle even Villy couldn’t withhold the tears from flowing down his cheeks. I also got to spend the rest of the week in Erie, and I must confess that they’ve got one of the sweetest communities I’ve ever lived among. I made new friends, ate great food, had several heartfelt conversations and stayed out late too often.

In the last post I did about Villy and Esfir, I introduced them, sharing how we met, but their wedding was everything chic elegance is made of. Their venue was goals, with its huge glass and high ceiling. The simple decor and blush color theme made for an airy elegant minimalistic wedding. Villy and Esfir, from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to say thank you. I know I’ve said this multiple times to you but it was truly an honor to be part of your wedding.

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