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Cape May Elopement | Alex + Kelly | Stay Lokal

Cape May Elopement | Alex + Kelly | Stay Lokal


I recently came across a method of farming called the slash and burn, whereby you cut down the trees on a plot of land then set fire to the remaining foliage to provide nutrients to the soil for the newer food crops. Kelly + Alex’s Cape May elopement which began at Stay Lokal was the beginning of my beauty from ashes.

It’s no secret that the wedding/events world took a major hit due to COVID 19, and even now there’s much to be sad about, many have lost loved ones, businesses are going out of commission and there’s great division in our world. But we’ve also seen the beauty of humanity & community like never before. And I hope that you can find inspiration from this post and believe that there’s much to look forward to.

Alex + Kelly, have been a bright lamp post on the road of my journey. I still remember tearing up when Kelly was reading her vows to Alex, it was a reinvigorating moment that reminded of the very great POWER OF LOVE. And it confirmed my convictions that LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED. So remember no matter how hot the flames are, I believe that the universe is providing nutrients for the beautiful things to come in your life.

I can’t wait for their huge wedding at Philadelphia distilling which will be designed by Clover events.


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