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5 reasons Cedar Lakes Estates is THE dream glamping NY wedding venue

5 reasons Cedar Lakes Estates is THE dream glamping NY wedding venue
From the drive up to Cedar Lakes Estate through the Hudson Valley, to the mountain top overlooking the Shawangunk Mountains, Cedar Lakes Estate is indeed “one perfectly peaceful lakefront escape combining culinary adventure with rustic radiance.”
After being fortunate enough to photograph a few beautiful weddings at this luxury estate venue, I just had to create this shortlist
of 5 Reasons why I think Cedar Lakes Estates is THE dream glamping wedding venue In New York.


Cedar Lakes Estates

An Unforgettable glamping experience;

I still remember those long late-night bonfire conversations with friends, oh, the sticky s’ mores and remnant smell of smoke on my clothes. These are some of my favorite memories and Cedar lakes Estate, once a 1920’s summer camp, evokes all the feelings of nostalgia. I can only imagine what a weekend wedding with family and friends at cedar lakes would feel like. It would be an adventurous experience, comprising of mountain top yoga, team competitions, an outdoor movie night, and deep personal bonfire chats. It would be an experience of a lifetime.


Below are images of what a rehearsal dinner could look like at the pavilion



Say “I do” with a view
Cedar Lakes Estate has got just the perfect spots for a dreamy ceremony, the mountain top with a view of the Shawangunk mountains and the Amphitheater overlooking a serene lake.



A food adventure
I’m a die-hard fan of the food at Cedar Lakes Estate, the chefs create mouth-watering delicacies crafted with products sourced from their own farm and small-town farmers. They stay true to their farm to table values. Here are just a few photos from a poolside cocktail hour.



Endless opportunities
The Estate’s magnificent barn serves as a reception space built with reclaimed barn wood and modern glass. With a capacity of 315, the possibilities for decor and florals are endless. I’m always awed by how different couples are able to personalize the space and transform it into an indoor garden with a rustic elegant charm.


Top-notch service
One more thing which makes Cedar Lakes Estates so special is that it’s a family-owned venture. Lisa and Stephanie have built a venue where they could foster their love for food, event planning, and affection for their old home. And together with a loving team, they consider family, they know just how to make you feel at home.

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