Sunset Lover – Kristina + Paul

September 17, 2018 by Afrik Armando in EngagementStoriesWeddings
Sunset Lover – Kristina + Paul

Song to listen to while reading = PETIT BISCUIT – Sunset Lover

This summer was incredible for several reasons but I think one of the things I enjoyed most was photographing some dear friends of mine, meet Kristina and Paul. I remember how thrilled I was many years ago when I worked at a car dealership and heard Paul was joining me, he was a fast learner and in little time he was detailing cars better than I could. Nah, I didn’t get jealous, I had more time to slack off and do nothing. The lunch breaks, long bible talks, and occasional fights. We went from Co-workers to brothers, he told me all his heart and raved endlessly about Kristina. I didn’t mind listening to him talk about her after all she’s also extremely dear to my heart. All these years, she’s been a die-hard fan of about everything I’ve ventured into, from my career as a youtube animation artist to photographer, restlessly cheering me on and giving me shout outs. That one view on youtube, a review on google and the one like on my website, Kristina’s always got my back. I had an incredible time shooting these two sunset lovers. Love you friends.

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