La Vie avec toi | In home session

July 18, 2018 by Afrik Armando in EngagementStories
La Vie avec toi | In home session

In this age of socialĀ media where we present curated versions of our lives, it’s getting more difficult to be authentic, but I love in home sessions because you really see what’s behind closed doors. And to be honest, I’m honored when people get vulnerable, I know we don’t always feel like smiling, we fight, we cry and we sometimes feel sad. But that’sĀ ok because life is not about being perfect, it’s about the process, it’s about the journey and the stories we’ll be able to tell from our experiences.

I’m truly grateful for these two, for opening their door and sharing a piece of their life with me. The laughs, the love, the boredom, and the berries, thanks friends.




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