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The beautiful simplicity of now | Home Lifestyle session | Rick + Paola

March 11, 2019 by Afrik Armando in EngagementStories
The beautiful simplicity of now | Home Lifestyle session | Rick + Paola

Song to listen to while reading; Agnes Abel – September song

We live in one of the most beautiful time periods in human history. Now, with a single finger tap, a world of possibilities is opened up, however, this rose also has its thorns, more and more we tend to live very curated lives which miss the whole essence of existence. Emphasis is placed on appearance rather than functionality. It’s all about the “instagramable” photo. And of course, it’ll be remiss of me to preach against this, for I specialize in making your memories look great but at the same time, what’s important is that I capture the soul of your day.
When we started talking about our pre-wedding/lifestyle shoot with Rick & Paola, they didn’t just want “pretty photos” they wanted photos which told their story. Two young friends who fell deeply in love while working at Rouge Restaurant, currently in pursuit of their grande life dreams and love spending time cooking and watching Friends at their fun downtown space with a killer of the city. I must also tell you about the specialty snack Rick made which left an impression on my taste buds, they called it Chippies, it was Lays potato chips with Maggie, Valentina, and lime. Guys (Rick & Paola), I’m really grateful that you let me into your lives and I’m looking forward to your wedding in April at Brandywine Manor House.
One of the most valuable lessons I keep learning is to not envy the glamorized version of other peoples lives but like Rick & Paola, pay more attention to the beautiful simplicity of today.

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