Jersey City’s couple session – Caroline + Adrian

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Jersey City’s couple session – Caroline + Adrian

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when I parked my car in a neighborhood which looked like the quintessential setting for a New York City Rom-Com. I was meeting Caroline and Adrian for the first time in person over drinks before our photo session. But it wasn’t long before we bonded over our shared love of Africa and the Cameroonian culture. In-between bites of the charcuterie, we exchanged stories of our experiences and reminisced upon the cuisine.

To add some context here, I spent most of my early years growing up in Cameroon, and coincidentally Caroline had spent quite some time there as well. Gosh, I mean what are the odds of this happening? We spent the rest of our lunch looking through their travel galleries and laughing hard at their adventurous stories.

When it was time to head out for our shoot, I decided to scratch the plans we had initially made. Posing in a random park just didn’t feel right. So we went up to their apartment, got them changed, and cozied up to their favorite tunes. Thank you Caroline and Adrian for the laughs, the stories, and all the memories we created together.

And to anyone reading this, it might just surprise you to know what random things you’ve got in common with others, and in a split second, total strangers can become treasured friends. I hope you take some time to hear some more stories.

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