Modern 70’s bridal inspiration

July 1, 2019 by Afrik Armando in Stories
Modern 70’s bridal inspiration
Modern 70’s Wedding Dream with a Wild Floral Handbag

As I was thinking about the essence of summer – the joyfulness you feel when the summer air comes to a peak, the pure satisfaction of an ice cold fizzy drink, and the radiance that the sun gives off – I began to dream up a shoot that would embody the freedom that summer seems to provide. Inspired by the colorful murals at Asbury Park, a small but bustling beach town, I pulled in tones of teal blue, bright oranges, yellows, and pinks. Florals that felt wild and free, with 70s touches, brought the shoot to life. This styled shoot was, ultimately, an experiment in capturing that feeling of summer we always want to hold on to.

Then, the magic happened – and the idea of a floral bridal handbag was born. For the most carefree summer bride, a floral bouquet that can double as a handbag stands as a reminder that you can be creative in any way you’d like. It’s a symbol of independence and being able to stand on your own, with everything that you may need at your fingertips. It’s a creative gesture, with the wild beauty of flowers expressed in a way that has never been done before.

– Ilona Belous

Design – Gldn soul events

Florals – Ipickushop

Models – Erica, Anita & Angelina

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