New York Shoot | Second day shoot | Tayeesa + Andrew

February 6, 2019 by Afrik Armando in Bridal InspirationStories
New York Shoot | Second day shoot | Tayeesa + Andrew

When I asked Tayeesa if she had any advice to future brides, she was so excited to share lots of the things she’d learned while planning her own wedding.

Here are some of the insightful tips she gave me;

DIY’s take longer than you think
I didn’t expect all our DIY’s to take so long. I’d highly recommend starting all your DIY projects early so the week before your wedding isn’t chaos. There are lots of little details that make a DIY project work and that’s why a year before the wedding is NOT too early to start your projects.

Invest in your photographer and videographer.
The wedding day goes by in a flash, so you’ll want to Invest in someone that’ll capture all the little moments and emotions of the day. Don’t settle for a good deal, look for heart, passion, and style. Think about your photos years from now. It’s not about trendy edits but preserving memories. Go for something classic and timeless.

Don’t go in debt for your wedding day.
I guarantee you your guests will not remember or even notice if your centerpieces are the most expensive garden roses or filled in with carnations. Life goes on after the wedding, and you definitely don’t want to spend your first few months as husband and wife paying off an elaborate party that you couldn’t afford.

Remember the wedding day is only day 1 of a lifelong commitment.
During your wedding planning process, make sure you’re investing in your future life as husband and wife once the party is over. I HIGHLY recommend finding some pre-marital counseling before your wedding. My husband and I used a great online source called Prologue Remember that creating a beautiful life is far more important than creating a beautiful wedding.
The wedding is not the end goal of the engagement process, but a happy and successful marriage 🙂

As always, I had such an incredible time with Tay & Andrew, they’ve got such hearts of gold and I’m really looking forward to growing together with these two. Thanks Tayeesa and Andrew for everything.

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