Love & Wild Flowers – New York Wedding – Liliya + Joseph

February 26, 2019 by Afrik Armando in StoriesWeddings
Love & Wild Flowers – New York Wedding – Liliya + Joseph
I stood there puzzled behind the lens of my camera, wasn’t sure why but I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down, more to this, it seemed as though with every teardrop, a burden was lifted. That specific week had been a really difficult one but what I thought would be another long wedding day, turned into one of the most memorable moments of my life.
When I signed up for Liliya & Joseph’s wedding, I was excited for the opportunity to document yet another incredible love story. When we talked over the phone, they sounded genuine and kind. But that summer had been packed with weddings and events of all sorts, I’d had encounters with people of different characters, some kind and some very challenging to work with. So when their wedding came around, in all honesty, though grateful I was feeling a little exhausted. In all the beautiful chaos I’d lost focus.
There’s only so much I can tell you about Liliya & Joseph considering I’ve only known them for so long but at their wedding, one thing was evidently clear, these two knew how to express divine love. From the best man & maid of honor to the guest seated at the edge of the room, all testified of their genuine love. I personally experienced this through the worship session they had, it was like water in a dry land, their melodies soothed my bruised soul and after a rushed wedding season it felt good to pause and reflect on that which matters most. When we talked they said they didn’t want their wedding to just be another party but more importantly a moment where friends and loved ones could experience the love of God.
In a field sometimes, while one person sees unwanted weeds, another sees beautiful wildflowers. I’m a believer not merely for fear of judgment or religious practice but because I’ve learned that in all my chaos, this divine person loves and sees the most beauty in me.

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