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3 reasons you’re photogenic

May 3, 2018 by Afrik Armando in Stories
3 reasons you’re photogenic

I’ve been on this journey of telling stories with my camera for a little bit of time now. One of the most common phrases I hear is “Oh Afrik I’m not photogenic”. But here are three things I think you should understand before you make your conclusion;

1) You are unique

When I was much younger, I didn’t like my curly hair or brown skin. I thought my nose was too wide and I wasn’t good enough. My self-esteem was at the bottom of the barrel and these perceptions of myself rubbed off on everything I did. But as I matured I realized that beauty goes beyond the surface. Beauty is whatever u want it to be. And yes I know this idea is very cliche but truly there is no one like you, there has never been someone like you and there’ll never be another you. This isn’t a call to narcism, but I think it’s important that no matter who you are, you feel good in your own skin and about urself. So with my camera, I seek to tell the story of everyone I meet, and not only take pictures but show them how incredible they are now.

2) Posing is the trick

Today with the bohemian trend on the rise and beautiful free-life styled wedding portraits, the idea of posing is frowned upon. But posing doesn’t just mean stiffening up as a mannequin, it’s understanding angles, body movement, and flow. For example, laughing up instead of laughing down which creates a double chin. We’ll touch more upon this in the future but posing is one of the things we photographers use to accentuate your beautiful body form.

3) Expression

Let your eyes tell the story, laugh out loud, be fierce and be you. At the end of the day just have fun, it’s about making memories not remembering rules ? There’re many more things to share and talk about but for now remember you’ve got the voice, you’ve got that look and definitely got the style. Thank you so much for reading this far.

PS feel free to comment below if you have any questions or concerns 🙂

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