Florals, friends & Passion – 3 personal growth takeaways from Design Sanctuary – Rosewood Farms

May 9, 2019 by Afrik Armando in Stories
Florals, friends & Passion – 3 personal growth takeaways from Design Sanctuary – Rosewood Farms

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Have you ever felt like everyone else was moving forward but you? That’s how I felt for the greater part of last year. Whenever I would scroll through my Instagram feed, it was nothing but wanderlust locations and dreamy details.

But this year, I made the decision to be intentional about who & what I surrounded myself with. As the old saying goes – If you surround yourself with the cool people you become cool and if you surround yourself with knuckleheads… well you get the point.

So to execute my plan, I decided to be part of one of the top floral workshops in the country, Design Sanctuary, organized by Susan & Shannon. Two wedding LEGENDS here in Philadelphia who for years have run very successful businesses while empowering young creatives like myself. And I must say it is at the top of my list for 2019 highlights, I met some of the coolest designers, florist, and photographers. It was nothing short of laughs, love, and creativity.

Feed your mind, body & soul with the right food. Get information on perfecting your craft, then PRACTICE, EXPERIMENT & PLAY. More to this like Susan says “ You must fall in love with what you do.”
I got this phrase from Seth Godin and it simply means being indispensable. I’ll sound like a worn out bell if I say the creative space is saturated, but we must be brave enough to step out of the rat race, dump our instincts for competition and create real value. What problems are we solving and what difference are we making?
We’ve got permission to go out and create the things you want to do.

Venue – Rosewood Farms

Design – Shannon Wellington

Stationary & Signage – House of Catherine

Florals – The incredible talented attendants of Design Sanctuary



Indian Inspired wedding editorial

The editorials below was a collaborative project for one of the incredibly talented groups of florists. It was a hands-on project meant to encourage cultural diversity and inclusion as a creative.

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