Stand by me | Philadelphia wedding | Victoria + Josef

July 11, 2018 by Afrik Armando in StoriesWeddings
Stand by me | Philadelphia wedding | Victoria + Josef

When it comes to telling love stories in the city of Philadelphia, photography can get a little monotonous. Brick walls, city hall, and the art museum. All incredible places but as I walked around with Viktoria and Josef through the city, I wasn’t looking for just a stand and smile photo. I was looking for a unique way to tell their story.

Viktoria and Josef are actually missionaries in Vienna, passionate about bringing more love into the world. After their wedding, Viktoria was to move permanently as a missionary. My mind could hardly fathom why someone would take such a leap into the unknown, but their hearts were set to leave their footprint on the sands of time. When the image below happened, to me it spoke volumes, all I could see was in spite of any frenzy they’ll always have each other. Josef to stand by her and Viktoria to stand by him. Thanks again friends for letting me tell your story.


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