Cageless hearts | Serge+Kat | Talamore Country Club Wedding

July 20, 2019 by Afrik Armando in StoriesWeddings
Cageless hearts | Serge+Kat | Talamore Country Club Wedding
“Come grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. -Robert Browning”
That morning as we arrived at the venue of the wedding, a very tangible feeling of anticipation and joy saturated the atmosphere. Emotions were high and merriment painted the faces of all who were present. As I strolled around, my spirit was lifted by what I saw. The hydrangeas, peonies, and garden roses were arrayed everywhere in majestic beauty, the decor and eucalyptus leaves enhanced the rustic theme. Kat & Serge had chosen white, green and a touch of gold as their wedding colors. It was indeed a sight to behold. Soon, I’ll let you see for your self and be lifted in your soul. But first, I must indulge you with what got my attention the most, that room packed with Ukrainian treats, nicely stacked and mounted on beds of moss.
The radiance of love beamed from these two blissed-out lovers as they saw each other for the first time that morning. Serge’s emotions were on full display as tears of joy rolled down his face & Kat glowed like a lantern lit by love. There was live Jazz, Ukrainian food and lots of laughs throughout the day. It was a day when two cageless hearts became one.
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  • Second Shooter // Mark Kovalchuk
  • Hair // Julie Kinakh
  • Flowerist // Larissa Lakhno
  • Ceremony & Reception Venue // Talamore Country Club
  • Cake // Vera Grosheva
  • Decor // Milana Yarmolich
  • Bridal Party // Luda, Sophie, Diana, Masha, Erik, Ruvim, David & Slavik



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