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A closer look into the art of floral design

January 21, 2020 by Afrik Armando in StoriesWeddings
A closer look into the art of floral design

When I think about some of the songs which have had the most impact in my life, Amanda Cook’s “Wonder” is somewhere at the top of that list. Her lyrics “May we never lose our wonder…” remind me to not solely be a professional but serve with passion and soul. I’m bringing this up because today after having a conversation with Becky the owner of Ram florals, the flames of that wonder were fanned. And below are just a few excerpts from our conversation.

Understanding the difference between a designer and producer

I’m sure most of us know who the artist Picasso is, now, wouldn’t it be odd if you wanted him to paint something special for you but instead of giving him creative control, you gave him a brush & told him exactly how and what to paint? Therein lies the key difference between a floral designer and a floral producer. While one goes above and beyond to create something very specific to who you are as a couple, the other focuses on a replication formula. So clarity is paramount because with this in mind, you can decide who and what you want.

3 things to be mindful of;

Your florist is the artist & you are their muse

Trust cannot be overemphasized, you’ve shared what you hate & what you love, now let the artist play. You hired them because they’re the specialist so no micromanaging. Give them creative control and freedom to do what they do best.

Don’t be an internet replica, be original

I found something in an article by Anastasia Andenmatten which ties really well into this point Becky brought up. It was an article about hiring the right florist and in it, she writes “It’s really easy to go down a Pinterest rabbit hole, influenced by trends and what everyone else’s wedding looks like. But there’s no reason to limit it to what you see on Pinterest…”

Maximize your floral investment by focusing on the places which will be photographed the most

Your ceremony, head table, bouquets, etc Where will the camera be pointing most of the time, it’ll be best to highlight those points of interest.

Special thanks to Becky from Ram Florals for sharing so much wisdom with me, we’ve got a few weddings lined up together in June so stay tuned and to see more of her work feel free to visit her website or check out her Instagram. Along with this article, I’m also sharing some images from one of the most spectacular weddings we did in 2019, the floral designers were Faye & Renee, enjoy.



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