The Ones With the Midas Touch, Family Photos

February 24, 2016 by Alex in Stories Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
The Ones With the Midas Touch, Family Photos

On this highway called Route life, traffic is inevitable, One could easily get overwhelmed with the standstills of life and seemingly unreachable destinations . It might even be hot and dry outside but take a deep breath and look within.

Here’s Mary, Andrey, Andriel and Melody Novik. I call them the ones with the midas touch because their gold is love and everything they touch turns into love, only time will tell of the countless numbers they’ve touched with their love. You know Mary said to me one morning ‘If I could write a book or say one phrase that summarizes my life, it’ll be that no matter what you seem to be facing just take sometime to breathe, relax and know it’ll all be alright”.

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