Sparks Fly | Wedding Photos | Aleks+Angelika

May 10, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Storieswedding
Sparks Fly | Wedding Photos | Aleks+Angelika
“Maybe this was a mistake” I thought to myself, as I walked along the dock I could see nothing but the darkness of night. The trees were silent and the birds had all taken shelter. It was cold, lonely and picth black. How could a day so filled with wonder and love, end in such an unpleasant manner.
It was an honor working with these two. It’s always exciting to work with those who trust you and let you take creative control. Throughout her wedding day, Angelika maintained a spirit of serenity. Whenever something went wrong or not as planned she’d just smile. All that mattered to her was the love of her life, the one with whom her heart would remain knitted to forever.
Nevertheless, when we got to Penns landing, it seemed as though this creative ship I’d taken control of was about to crash. It was the photo location we had picked and the lighting was no bueno, it was cold and the only signs of life were the boats being tossed to and fro by the river waves. My lizard brain was panicking and my fingers were frozen.
It was time to take photos and love proved herself one more time. As they looked into each other’s eyes, sparks began to fly and the cold was put to shame as the pretty damsel took off her warm coat and rested in the warm embrace of her lover. Thank you Angelika and Aleks, it was an honor working with you.

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