Winter wedding tips

Summer and fall weddings might be all the rage but there’s just something beautiful and often sentimental about getting married in the winter. True the season can get really depressing especially on the east coast (at least for me), you’re thinking bald trees, gray skies, dry grass and freezing weather but I know that a baddie like you can slay anywhere regardless of the place and conditions. Here are a few tips on how to get the best from winter wedding photos;
Use stunning architecture for your portraits;
Often times trees with no leaves can create a lot of distracting lines in the background of your photos, now, while that’s beautiful in its own right, there’s something to be said about using stunning architecture instead. On the week of your wedding, have your photographer or planner scout the areas nearby, look for grande buildings, white walls or even winter greens.
Play with the season and holidays within;
The weather might be frightful but you can make your guests feel delightful. I love this recent winter wedding I did at cedar lakes estates, on the welcome night, the couple had an Aprés ski themed party and my oh my was it a night to remember.

Have a warm car nearby when being photographed;
You don’t want to look like rudolf the red nose reindeer in all your wedding photos.
Work the winter fashion;
If you’re going to freeze, you might as well freeze in style. Don’t get a basic shawl or jacket, wear something chic 

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