The best photos are candids. Our team strives to create a space where we appear to you as guests, creating a comfortable environment where you can freely and authentically express your love. Each photograph is carefully composed to capture the fleeting moments and genuine emotions that define your celebration. We curate an environment wherein you feel free to authentically express your love in the most natural and uninhibited manner possible.

Through our pre-wedding "confidence session," we meticulously guide you in the art of natural posing, revealing the nuances of hand placement, accentuating your most flattering features, and seamlessly navigating any hesitations before the camera. This personalized attention ensures that your photographs are not only beautifully captured but also stylized to perfection, ready to grace the pages of editorial publications with an elegant and refined aesthetic.

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signature touch 

Our signature touch 



Our unique blend of fun, editorial finesse, and artistic composition is dedicated to preserving the integrity of your celebration. This approach not only lets you revel in every moment but also guarantees a collection of photographs that will continue to captivate you for years to come.

Tailored exclusively for you, our collections extend beyond standard packages. They encompass collaborative planning, with Afrik and his team personally handling your wedding day photography. Meticulous plans, optional pre-wedding sessions, event coverage, and customized final deliverables all come together to meet the distinctive needs of your celebration. Our commitment lies in telling your story authentically, ensuring your comfort in front of the lens, and infusing an artistic touch into each image. 

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Indulging in the artistry of capturing moments, our pre-wedding portrait sessions stand as a pinnacle of creative collaboration with our clients. Imagine a canvas of boundless possibilities—exquisite destinations, curated looks, and aesthetics meticulously tailored to encapsulate your unique love narrative.

With the expert touch of Afrik's guidance in art direction the result is a portrait session that transcends the ordinary, offering an exceptional experience. As photographers; we are your coaches and cheer leaders devoted to ensuring your comfort and confidence in front of the lens. 


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Our wedding pictures are so much more than we could ever imagine they capture our personality perfectly

 -Maggie & daniel


Influenced by Cecil Beaton's iconic approach, our work seeks to capture the essence of effortless fashion, weaving a narrative that transcends trends.

From the intricate details of jewelry envisioned by Stephanie Gottlieb to the beautiful designs of Cristian Siriano, every collaboration adds a layer of distinction to our portfolio. Join me in this exploration of fashion through the lens—a celebration of glamor, individuality, and the enduring spirit of artistic expression

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