Almost kidnapped by ants in South Africa

March 5, 2017 by Afrik Armando in Family 0 comments
Almost kidnapped by ants in South Africa
It was a hot day in cape town South Africa when I decided to take a nap on my yard in front of my little country house, little did I know that in just a moment of time, I’d be experiencing the unimaginable. Next to where I laid me down to sleep was an ant hill which went down 50inches into the soil. The queen of the colony had decided to take a walk outside when she spotted me laying down in the grass. “Unbelievable, the heavens have heard my prayer and sent me a huge bar of chocolate milk.”-she said referring to me.
She immediately sent for her workers and ordered then to bring me into the colony, she was glad that no longer would her workers have to take endless journeys in search of food. So THEY WENT TO WORK RIGHT AWAY. Millions of workers came out of their hill to take up this gift sent from above. I was fast asleep and could barely feel a thing, the ants were instructed not to bite me in order not to have me wake up. Nevertheless, like every fairy tail with a happy ending, I woke up just in time to scare off these little guys.
Even though this tale is just a figment of my imagination, ants are capable of doing much more than their size. If allowed the damages done by an ant infestation can be devastating, in our context, however, ants refer to Automatic Negative Thoughts. This is something you’re gonna have to take charge of in 2017. You have the POWER TO CHOOSE YOUR THOUGHTS and thoughts like” u’re a nobody” should have no right to stay in ur mind.
Now grab a pen & a piece of paper (no tissue paper doesn’t count) or your tablet or your phone, andList a few of these constant negative thoughts, Ask urself if these are true, If they’re not which they usually aren’t , speak the truth to urself.

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