As you well know with the right amount of will and discipline, any skill can be acquired, thus I shall not tell you about my photography skills but my "Photography why". I remember starting my journey in the dark grimy tunnel of depression and low self-esteem, being only 5 years old, life was off to a rough start. Sadness was a daily routine and there was no glimmer of hope. The two who ushered me into this World were nowhere to be found and like an explorer lost in the dark without a flashlight. It was one hurdle after another, from a blistered heart to frozen fingers but when I got to my wits end, the heavens truly opened.

For this reason, I don't believe in the concept of self-made, I am far from that, I am one who stands on the shoulders of giants, a product of the sacrifices and kindness of many. Thus within me is the deep resolve to give back. To help people of all ages see the relevance that lies within. A portrait is not just a photograph but an expression of an inner soul, an inner being and an inner moment. If I can capture what lies inside, my purpose is fulfilled because true beauty is within and that's what I want to show with my photography.




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